Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Samsung countdown teases next Galaxy phone with anagram

Samsung Galaxy countdown teases you with anagrams

Sammy's latest marketing ploy kicked off with a string of nonsense that could just as easily have come from the Sunday morning jumble: "Destination: tgeltaayehxnx," declared the Samsung Mobile Twitter account. Anagram wizards will read that as, "the next Galaxy," and wouldn't you know it, it's also the URL for an auspicious countdown clock. Sammy promises to let visitors take "the next step" in about 17 hours and counting. Bonafide internet sleuths can find an extra carrot strung up in the site's source, reading, "discover how Samsung is about to challenge the way you view the Galaxy once more." Is Samsung about to break its own May 3rd unveiling? We'll let you know in 16 hours and change.

Update: It seems like that ticker just might be counting down to some sort of anagram guessing game, according to an Engadget tipster who partook in some directory diving. Among a series of assets of different colored lettered tiles he found images with instructions warnings, reading "Click on the letters in the correct order to reveal your real destination," and "Following technology blindly often gets you nowhere." Ominous.

Update 2: And there it is. Samsung's revealed two (well, one and a half) teaser videos -- but they don't reveal much.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Jimmy Choo Handbags The Silent But Deadly Partnership Killer ...

What On Earth Is Psychological Infidelity?
According to statistics, approximately 50 percent to pretty much 95 of all who deceive cite psychological dissatisfaction being a motivation for stepping out on their wives. In recent a long time, growing focus continues to be compensated to some increasing phenomenon generally known as psychological infidelity, a non-sexual, still troubling craze in between partners coping with infidelity.
Psychological infidelity is surely an affair from the coronary heart that may be finally a lot more complicated than a sexual affair. Psychological infidelity describes an intense psychological intimacy with someone other than a single?s dedicated spouse or partner. This individual generally is surely an acquaintance, pal or coworker with whom an emotionally unsatisfied companion shares his or her feelings on a typical basis.
Emotional affairs start off innocently at 1st. Two affair partners might turn into good buddies, innocently sharing lunches, taking business trips, and indulging in the heartwarming and aggravating day-to-working day aspects of their life at your home.
At first, these kinds of details seem to be a regular occurrence within the acceptable evolution of a friendship involving individuals, particularly if your affair associate is a coworker. Better you obtain to know somebody, slightly more specifics you share about your living and vice versa. The problem with psychological affairs, even so, is the fact that psychological cheaters come to feel a increased feeling of intimacy with the other person than with their present-day associate. An emotional cheater shares a greater continuum of their psychological spectrum and viewpoint aided by the other human being rather than their boyfriend or girlfriend. The deep-seated, most exclusive, peaceful and most vulnerable sides of you?re no longer the home of one?s partner, but are as a substitute handed through to a different human being who won?t reveal a commitment with you.
M. Gary Neuman, author of Emotional Infidelity and The Truth About Dishonest: Why Adult men Stray and What You Can Do To prevent It, is a licensed marriage counselor who has appeared to the Oprah Winfrey Present a number of moments to talk about the effect of sexual and emotional infidelity on relationships. In the course of an visual appeal on Oprah, Neuman expertly discusses the lethalness of psychological infidelity.

?An emotional affair transpires once you placed the majority of one?s emotions into the fingers of somebody outdoors your [relationship]. We only have a lot emotional vitality; better of it we commit outside of our [partnership], the less we?ve got within [of it]. After a though, we plainly tend not to have plenty of feelings and really like and caring and time for equally [folks].?

Why Do Psychological Affairs Come about? With the root of all of it, psychological affairs are designed to meet a key psychological need to have that has gone unfulfilled inside the major romance. Perhaps a spouse feels her husband doesn?t pay attention to her enough, so she has weekly lunches with all the warm-spirited gentleman inside your department who pats her hand and tells her how sweet and wonderful she are. Or his girlfriend doesn?t recognize the additional things he is performed across the residence or his attempts at being more passionate, so the young lady within the house subsequent door arrives through on a regular basis and chops it up with him in excess of a plate of considered one of her residence-cooked chicken Alfredo, reassuring him that he is an excellent man. Whatever the lack of psychological satisfaction is, this affair turns into a second romance, an emotional adore affair that works as filler for his or her somewhat more distant, but previously existing current one.
Can He Fall in Really like with Her? Totally. The perfect recipe for turning an emotional infidelity into a sexual infidelity is accessibility, chemistry, an underlying emotional weakness or require, as well as a persistently raising construct upon the relationship. Recall, in an psychological infidelity, anyone is by now emotionally withdrawing from their primary relationship and funneling their electricity into your affair, regardless of whether they consciously recognize it or not.
It is really explained that most women are somewhat additional susceptible towards the psychological affair, wanting the relationship to move from friendship to correct appreciate, fantasy to actuality, whereas guys usually compartmentalize their emotional affair, adding it to their life, but not truly interested in transferring on with her. Despite what the heck is assumed, emotional bonds and emotional infidelities are not the sole residence of both gender. Possibly sexual acts in an psychological affair can really feel overwhelmingly passionate feelings toward the other man or woman, to an extent that your connection with them can endure ? or even finish when they chase what they think is actually a much better offer.

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Microsoft applies for low-powered interactive second display system patent

Microsoft applies for low-powered interactive second display system

Oh patent applications... where creative ideas dance shoulder to shoulder with ill-conceived folly. Which do we have here today? We're not sure. What we are sure of, however, is that someone at Microsoft has applied for a patent that describes a device with two screens. Not that old chestnut, but the second screen being of lower-power, like e-ink, and displaying different information based on the state of the first one (i.e. is it against your face or not.) The not-to-be-trusted images illustrate the second screen covering the back of a device and displaying a clock, or other such user specified info. The app does state that it would continue to display info, even if the device was in a sleep mode, and describes a non-flat contour. If you were to read into it, it might sound like rear e-ink phone housing, but if this ever comes to pass, it'll likely be with a little bit of dressing down, so don't get too excited.

Microsoft applies for low-powered interactive second display system patent originally appeared on Engadget on Sun, 22 Apr 2012 08:44:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Is Craigslist Going to Redesign Its Layout? [Craigslist]

Is functional but ugly Craigslist trying to ditch its terribly outdated layout for something prettier? A job listing on Craigslist (where else?) for Craigslist is looking for hands-on Senior UI/Front-End/Usability Engineers to improve the Craigslist user experience and develop new products and features that'll make users swoon. More »

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Study shows more people watch TV on tablets than computers, still nothing on

Study shows more people watch TV on tablets than computers, still nothing on

Is your notebook still your preferred second TV? Well, it seems you're now in the minority. The hip new way of consuming the drug of the nation -- after the 'ole tube itself -- is on a tablet, according to a recent Viacom study. Over 2,500 people were polled nationwide, and the results show a shift away from computers and smartphones to slates. Tabs made up 15 percent of full-length TV show viewings, with the increase of streaming services and companion apps being cited as contributing factors to the trend. We don't know what the fuss is about, we watch all our telly on a tablet.

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Study shows more people watch TV on tablets than computers, still nothing on originally appeared on Engadget on Sat, 21 Apr 2012 09:29:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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