Friday, May 11, 2012

?Anonymous? Social Network Anybeat Is Getting Bought And Shut Down. Dmitry Shapiro Going To Google+?

anybeat1Anybeat, a social network that launched last year as a kind of "anti-Facebook" to meet people you don't already know, is getting bought by another company and is shutting down. The company posted a message to its users a few hours ago noting that it would be closing up operations in two weeks. The service, which launched as a beta in September 2011 (we offered invites here), was founded by Dmitry Shapiro, who had also founded Veoh and at one point had been the CTO of Myspace. It's been reported that he is moving to Google to head up Google+.

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Endangered wolves at NY preserve produce 8 pups

In this May 6, 2012 photo provided by the Wolf Conservation Center, a litter of eight new born Mexican wolf pups snuggle at the Center?s facility in South Salem, N.Y. The eight pups born at the preserve on Sunday, May 6, could aid the federal program that has reintroduced the endangered species to the wild. In 2011 it was believed that there were 50 Mexican wolves living wild in the United Sates. (AP Photo/Wolf Conservation Center, Maggie Howell)

In this May 6, 2012 photo provided by the Wolf Conservation Center, a litter of eight new born Mexican wolf pups snuggle at the Center?s facility in South Salem, N.Y. The eight pups born at the preserve on Sunday, May 6, could aid the federal program that has reintroduced the endangered species to the wild. In 2011 it was believed that there were 50 Mexican wolves living wild in the United Sates. (AP Photo/Wolf Conservation Center, Maggie Howell)

In this May 6, 2012 photo provided by the Wolf Conservation Center, a new born Mexican wolf pup is shown at the Center?s facility in South Salem, N.Y. The eight pups born at the preserve on Sunday, May 6, could aid the federal program that has reintroduced the endangered species to the wild. In 2011 it was believed that there were 50 Mexican wolves living wild in the United Sates. (AP Photo/Wolf Conservation Center, Maggie Howell)

(AP) ? Eight rare Mexican wolf pups have been born at a preserve in the New York City suburbs, a development that could aid the federal program that has reintroduced the endangered species to the wild.

The Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem announced Monday that five males and three females were born Sunday to the Mexican wolves known as F749 and M740.

A video on the center's website showed a furry gray mass of tiny pups, some of them making small noises. The online announcement said the pups were no bigger than a potato.

"It's always a good day when we learn of the birth of an endangered species," said Peter Siminski, coordinator of the Mexican wolf program for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. "Eight new pups in a world population of around 366 is a 2 percent increase."

Siminski said there are an estimated 42 Mexican wolves in the wild and 324 in captivity.

The wild wolves are kept along the New Mexico-Arizona state line under the federal program that reintroduced them to the wild in 1998.

To maintain genetic diversity, that population is restocked from pups born to the wolves kept in captivity, including those at the Wolf Conservation Center, which is 45 miles from midtown Manhattan.

"This is an important accomplishment for the Wolf Conservation Center because of all the careful planning and preparation that goes into the birth of a litter," Siminski said.

If any of the new pups are selected for introduction to the wild, it won't be soon. Siminski said chosen wolves would likely be sent to a prerelease facility, paired with opposite-sex wolves and allowed to raise pups themselves before being sent out.

The parents were selected as a breeding pair under the federal program's genetic standards designed to limit inbreeding.

"These pups are not only adorable, they're also great contributions to the recovery of their species," Monday's announcement said. It said all eight appeared to be healthy.

Like their parents, the pups won't be named but will receive numbers, plus M for the males and F for the females. Maggie Howell, managing director of the preserve, said last year that resisting the urge to name the wolves is part of the effort to limit human interaction, which can give them a better chance in the wild.

Howell said Monday that the conservation center won't help the parents raise the pups.

"Hopefully one day these animals will get an opportunity to live in the wild so we'll be doing very little with them in order to best equip them for a wild future," she said.

The wolves are not on public exhibit. But various webcams, available on the website, are used to spy on them, and staffers strongly suspected in recent weeks that the wolves were expecting.

Three other pairs at the Wolf Conservation Center ? one Mexican wolf pair and two red wolf pairs ? were also designated as breeding pairs.

"We'll remain glued to our eight webcams to watch the new parents care for their young and the arrival of more potential pups in the coming weeks," the announcement said.



Associated Press

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Photo Cookbook - Baking for iPhone and iPad review

If you're looking to bake some delicious cake, pastries, cookies, or breads, look no further than The Photo Cookbook - Baking for iPhone and iPad. It's packed with gorgeous photos of not only the final product, but also of what each stage of the process should look like.

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Obama's interview on same-sex marriage was with a familiar face (Los Angeles Times)

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AT&T, Verizon to add family data plans, but will they benefit you?

21 hrs.

AT&T Mobility CEO?Ralph de la Vega recently told CNET that the carrier plans to?offer family data plans soon.?Verizon has repeatedly?pledged?something similar.?T-Mobile and Sprint already offer such plans. But will these plans?? which allow a family to share a "bucket" of data, just like they can now share a "bucket" of minutes?? help you save money?

Short answer: Probably.

Long answer: Probably, but there are some catches.

Since T-Mobile and Sprint already offer family data plans, we have a general idea of what we can expect AT&T and Verizon to do. As with the other two carriers, you'll likely be able to purchase a single data plan which is to be shared among two or more lines. In the process you'll?save anywhere between $10 and $50 overall?(depending on the plan configuration and number of lines). That's not bad?? the money adds up after all.

But while you're saving some green, you're also missing out on some things.

Need an example? Let's look at T-Mobile's current "Classic Unlimited???Plus" plan:

  • The single-line version?of this plan costs $80/month and gives you?unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data (though only the first 2GB are "high-speed," after that you drop to 2G speeds).
  • The two-line "family" version of this plan costs $140/month and?gives you unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data (though only the first 2GB are "high-speed," after that you drop to 2G speeds).

Did you notice the very important thing these two plans have in common? They're both offering the same amount of "high-speed" data.

This detail is fine and dandy if only one of the lines on a family plan belongs to a data hog. Carriers now offer apps to let you track your usage, and some even let you set warnings so you don't go over. Many people who pay for 2GB plans actually use far less than 1GB per month, so this sort of pricing could be ideal.

But if both you and your buddy, partner or family member are prone to using up most of?your smartphone's data allowances, the $20/month you've saved by getting a T-Mobile?family data plan could come back to bite you in the form of throttled speeds.

Yes, this theoretically isn't an issue with Sprint, who claims that it doesn't throttle data speeds, but then again a lot of things are theoretically problem-free. When Verizon and AT&T do launch similar plans, a similar excessive use may end up costing you overage fees.

It would also pay to be on the lookout for increased per-phone surcharges that aren't advertised as part of the bundle, but are part of the final price. And any change that you make to your plan to save overall money by doing a data bundle may come with an unwanted side effect, such as the need to surrender a particularly desirable (but discontinues) voice or text message plan.

All those thoughts aside, we'll have to wait until AT&T and Verizon officially announce their own family data plans to truly figure out how everything compares and whether customers benefit in the long run ??and to see if the definitions of "unlimited data" get redefined again. Although both giant carriers have committed to family plans, when we ask them, neither is forthcoming about when the plans will see the light of day.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Linda Evangelista Settles Child-Support Case

Before Linda Evangelista could take the stand in the second day of her contentious custody case against her son's father, French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, the two parties reached a settlement that put a stop to the court proceedings in Manhattan Family Court.

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Putin hails Soviet victory, will promote Russia's might

Anatoly Maltsev / EPA

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA: Members of military-historical clubs wearing Soviet World War II-era uniforms dance at the Warsaw train station in St.Petersburg on May 9, 2012, marking Victory Day celebrations.

Sergei Supinsky / AFP - Getty Images

KIEV, UKRAINE: A boy climbs on a World War II monument at an open air museum in Kiev on May 9, 2012.

Natalia Kolesnikova / AFP - Getty Images

MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Russia's newly-inaugurated President Vladimir Putin and new Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev watch a Victory Day parade at Red Square on May 9, 2012.

Maxim Shipenkov / EPA

MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Russian WWII veterans drink during celebrations marking the 67th anniversary of victory over Germany on May 9, 2012.

Reuters reports ??President Vladimir Putin, speaking in Moscow's Red Square with military generals at his side, said he would promote Russia's might on the world stage in a patriotic speech on Wednesday glorifying the Soviet victory over Germany in World War Two.

Two days after being sworn in for a six-year term that has drawn protests against his return to the Kremlin, Putin used the address to troops and war veterans at the annual military parade on Red Square to?reinforce appeals for national unity.

400 protesters arrested hours before Putin's return to Russian presidency

"Russia consistently follows a policy of strengthening global security and we have a great moral right to stand up determinedly for our positions because our country suffered the blow of Nazism," Putin said on a podium flanked by military chiefs bristling with medals under the Kremlin's red walls. Read the full story.

Abir Sultan / EPA

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL: Relatives of Israeli veterans who fought against the Nazis wear Soviet uniforms as they march in Jerusalem on May 9, 2012.

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA: People meet the 'Victory train, a vintage locomotive with members of a historical military club aboard, at Varshavsky railway station on May 9, 2012.

Ilmars Znotins / AFP - Getty Images

RIGA, LATVIA: A boy wearing an old military hat looks on as his father makes tea at the World War II monument in Riga on May 9, 2012.


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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sprint EVO 4G LTE pre-sale opens up at Best Buy

Android Central

In recent days we've seen the getting started and full user guides leak out for the Sprint EVO 4G LTE. And then of course, right on cue, we had pre-sale for the device starting up. Now, Best Buy are starting to take orders for the hotly anticipated device as well. 

The EVO 4G LTE is being offered up for $199.99 on a 2-year contract, with the regular price showing up at a whopping $699.99. Customers who pre-order through Best Buy will also get themselves a $50 Best Buy gift card when they activate their new phone. Interested? Hit the source link below to get your orders in. 

Source: Best Buy thanks cr33p!

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Rachel Barnes, Justin Bieber Video Vixen, on Jelena: Adorable!

Rest easy, Justin Bieber fans.

Yes, Rachel Barnes gets to cozy up to this singing sensation in his Boyfriend music video, but the lucky young woman tells TMZ that life does not imitate art in this case: she's married!

Rachel Barnes and Justin Bieber

Indeed, Barnes and Bieber may be scorching the Internet these days, but the back-and-forth is "only for work," the former says, adding:

"Justin and Selena are adorably inseparable and I, myself, am already married. I'm a Belieber, but he's not my boyfriend."

Hear that, fans? Please - pretty, pretty please - keep those death threats at bay. They are not deserved in this case. They are not deserved in any case, even when directed at Kim Kardashian.

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John Dodson shows off his dance moves before UFC on Fox 3 weigh-ins (VIDEO

Just before weigh-ins, most fighters are cranky, to put it mildly. As they cut down to their fighting weight, they are hungry, often dehydrated, and eager to step on the scale and then go for a big meal with family and friends.

But not John Dodson. The flyweight who had cut all the way down to 126 lbs. couldn't keep still in the line before weigh-ins.

Some days, you gotta dance, John. Totally understandable. Hopefully, this display will lead to an invitation on "Dancing with the Stars." Who wouldn't want to see Dodson whirl around the dance floor? He won his last four bouts. The mirror ball trophy could be his next big win.


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HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE specs


Droid Incredible 4G LTE


Specs for the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE:

read more

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TC Cribs: Inside Box?s Bigger And Better New HQ ? Slides, Scooters And All

Screen Shot 2012-05-06 at 11.07.13 AMAfter a long vacation, TechCrunch Cribs is back! But as TechCrunch alum Jason Kincaid left us with some pretty big shoes to fill, for our first installment we decided to start with a company that knows the Cribs drill already -- enterprise cloud storage company Box.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Color Partners With Verizon To Bring Livestreaming Audio and Video to iPhone, Android

Pre-Broadcast_WebAfter a disastrous launch?and a not-so stellar pivot, Color may finally have found its stride and a rather large core user base. Today,?Color and Verizon Wireless have entered a three year deal to bring live streaming video and audio to its fleet of 4G LTE smartphones, including all compatible Android devices and even the iPhone.

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BlackBerry 10 to get video editor, screen sharing according to forum leak


The Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha we wrapped our mitts around last week didn't tell us much about RIM's big QNX-based OS update (being loaded with PlayBook OS 2.0 and all), but Crackberry forum user Biggulpseh seemingly has the deets that the folks in Waterloo weren't ready to reveal. So-called internal documents reportedly detail a tilt-senstive lock screen that pushes notifications to the user based on the device's movement (called "cinnamon toast"), a screen-sharing ability to ramp up the productivity of video calls and a robust video editor resulting from RIM's acquisition of JayCut last year. Biggulpseh says the images come from a "trusted source," and are part of a document that outlines upcoming features for the benefit of the firm's employees. Ready to dive in and let your imagination run wild? Hit the source links below, just don't forget your saliferous spices.

BlackBerry 10 to get video editor, screen sharing according to forum leak originally appeared on Engadget on Sun, 06 May 2012 23:25:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Western Digital My Passport Studio (2TB)

With 2 terabytes of capacity, the Western Digital My Passport Studio ($299.99 list) is the most capacious portable hard drive that we've seen thus far. So it's unsurprising that, above everything else, its enormity has garnered most of the attention. This makes sense, because it's arguably the only external drive?portable or otherwise?that most users will need for a very, very long time. In terms of functionality and design, it's scarcely distinguishable from its predecessor, the Western Digital My Passport Studio (1TB) ($179.99 list, 4 stars), which is a good and bad thing.

Let's start with the good first. All the benefits of its previous iteration are here, so you get a compact, attractive drive that's formatted for your Mac. Moreover, it's an impressive feat of engineering to double the capacity of an already spacious portable drive without adding any noticeable heft to its physical dimensions. Aside from a larger capacity and, not coincidentally, a higher price tag, there's barely any daylight between the two drives. Which leads us to the bad side of the equation: Was there really no room for any additional connectivity options whatsoever? For reasons that escape me, WD chose not to include Thunderbolt this time around. Not only would that have really made the My Passport Studio truly future-proof, but a drive of this capacity would have undoubtedly been well-served by the inclusion of an additional speedy interface. This is a minor quibble, though, and it ultimately does little to detract from the fact that the My Passport Studio (2 TB) a great external drive that offers plenty of bang for your buck.

Design and Features
The My Passport Studio (2 TB) is smaller than one of those mass-market paperbacks you typically encounter at the grocery store checkout. It measures 1 by 3.3 by 5 inches (HWD), and its 24 mm thickness is a scant 2 mm thicker than its predecessor. This difference is hardly noticeable, though, so the My Passport (2 TB) looks and feels almost exactly like its 1 TB forebear. In other words, it's gorgeous. The matte-finished anodized aluminum chassis shares the MacBook's two-toned black and silver motif and is elegantly minimalist, save for a tasteful silver WD logo embossed on the black enclosure face. The My Passport Studio weighs .80 pounds, making it neither too light nor too heavy. At the risk of sounding like Goldilocks, it feels just right. Moreover, the drive's rounded edges make it tactilely pleasing to hold ? I couldn't stop myself from compulsively palming it every time it was in front of me.

In the rear of the drive you'll find one micro USB 2.0 port and two daisy-chainable FireWire 800 ports. Although FireWire 800 is plenty fast, it's somewhat disappointing that the drive's design precludes the use of a wider USB 3.0-compatible connector. This isn't necessarily a fatal flaw since there aren't any USB 3.0-equipped Macs as of now. More nagging, though, is the lack of Thunderbolt connectivity, especially since a drive of this capacity should be as future-proof as possible because, for most people, it's the last one they'll ever need to purchase. So if you consider maximum connectivity paramount, the Editors' Choice-winning Seagate GoFlex Turbo (750GB) ($169.99 list, 4.5 stars) is still your best bet - though it's nowhere near as capacious as the My Passport Studio, GoFlex compatibility allows it to support USB 3.0, FireWire, eSATA and Thunderbolt.

Despite its steep price tag, the My Passport Studio is actually an excellent value at 15 cents per GB. Both the Seagate GoFlex Ultra-portableDrive for Mac (1.5TB) ($219.99 list, 3.5 stars) and the Clickfree C6 Portable (1TB) ($150 street, 4 stars) have the same 15 cents per GB ratio, so the My Passport Studio's increased price tag is in direct proportion to its massive capacity. It also turns out to be a better value than both the Seagate GoFlex Turbo (750GB) ?(22 cents per GB) as well as the Iomega Helium Portable Hard Drive (1TB) ($199.99 list, 3 stars) (20 cents per GB).

Like its predecessor, this the My Passport Studio comes formatted for HFS+, the native Mac OS file system, so it can be used with Apple Time Machine right out of the box. There's no other backup software is preinstalled, though, so if you're using Mac OS X 10.4 or earlier, you must resort to manually backing up your data. Some preinstalled software is contained in a drive image file on the My Passport Studio, like the WD Security app for hardware encryption, as well as the WD Drive Utilities suite, which includes a drive diagnostics tool, a sleep timer, and a drive erase app. The two-year warranty that comes with the My Passport Studio is a step up from the standard one-year warranty for basic drives. While the Seagate GoFlex Turbo (750GB) also comes with a two-year warranty, the Iomega Helium Portable Hard Drive (1TB) ?takes the cake in this department, coming with a generous three-year warranty.

Compared to others in its class, the My Passport Studio (2TB) is an above-average performer when it comes to speed. Using USB 2.0, it slightly outpaced comparable portable drives, copying our 1.22 GB test folder in 40 seconds. The Clickfree Portable C6 was marginally slower at 41 seconds. And although the Iomega Helium was in the same ballpark with 42 seconds, it only sports a USB 2.0 interface so it's inherently not as future-proof than other drives with additional connectivity options. But the My Passport Studio (2TB) wasn't the fastest performer in the USB 2.0 arena: the similarly capacious Seagate GoFlex Ultra-portable for Mac (1.5 TB) outpaced it by 4 seconds, completing this test in a brisk 37 seconds. We couldn't run our usual PCMark05 HDD tests on the My Passport Studio (2TB) since it's Mac-formatted.

Using the FireWire 800 interface was like injecting the My Passport Studio (2 TB) with adrenaline. It transferred the test folder in a breezy 19 seconds, effectively doubling its USB 2.0 speed. While the My Passport Studio (2TB) edged past the Seagate GoFlex Ultra-portable Drive for Mac (1.5TB) (24 seconds) 5 seconds faster under FireWire 800, the latter is still a formidable contender in other respects: it can pair with optional USB 3.0 or powered eSATA connectors, so it's future-proofed and costs 80 dollars less. As compared to other external drives using USB 3.0, the My Passport Studio (2TB) admirably held its ground with FireWire 800. The Clickfree C6 Portable (1 TB) squeaked by, taking 17 seconds to transfer the test folder, while the Editors' Choice-winning Seagate GoFlex Turbo (750 GB) beat it by a nose's length with 18 seconds.

In the end, the Western Digital My Passport Studio (2 TB) doesn't shock or awe, nor does it aim to. It delivers exactly what it promises?a huge, relatively quick, Mac-formatted external drive that's decently future-proofed. While additional connectivity options would have been a great added touch, capacity and a reasonable dollar per GB ratio are really what matters most when choosing an external drive, and in these respects the My Passport Studio (2TB) delivers with panache.

Compare the Western Digital My Passport Studio (2TB) with several other hard drives side by side.

More hard drive reviews:
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Facebook IPO poised to be America's biggest ever

Yesterday Facebook estimated it would sell shares of the company for between $28 to $35 ? enough for a valuation of between $77 billion and $96 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal. To put that in perspective, Facebook is about to be the most valuable US company ever to go public: United Parcel Service, by comparison, heretofore the record holder,?went public in 1999 with a valuation of $60.2 billion.?

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"Many people want to own this unique company, and it has the momentum,"?Kathy Smith of?Renaissance Capital told USA Today. She's right: Facebook has grown at an astonishingly rapid clip since it launched in 2004 in a Harvard dorm room ? first to a quarter million users, then a half million, and now, in 2012, to 900 million. Smart money is on the site cresting a billion users before the year is out.?

So is it all smooth sailing for Facebook? Well, not necessarily. As the Wall Street Journal points out, there is some reason to be skeptical about the IPO: revenue at Facebook is down six percent from the past quarter. And CEO Mark Zuckerberg must demonstrate that his business model will be effective in the longterm.?"There's still no good understanding for what advertisers are paying for,"?Morningstar analyst Rick Summer told the Journal today.?

In order to help gin up excitement, and to convince investors that Facebook deserves the high valuation, Facebook exec are meeting with analysts and bankers at institutions such as JP Morgan, which is helping to underwrite the IPO, MSNBC reports. Facebook has also released a long pitch video, featuring a litany of Facebook execs, including Zuckerberg.?In the video, COO Sheryl Sandberg stresses the reach of Facebook.?

Every day on Facebook is like the season finale of American Idol, "times two," Sandberg trumpets in the video.?

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Libertarians nominate ex-Governor Gary Johnson for president (reuters)

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