Sunday, October 21, 2012

Society Malawi Police to opposition leaders: Immitating presidential ...

Peter Mutharika in open landroverMZUZU--Archaic laws? Malawi Police Service has sent a clear message to all opposition leaders to stop immitating presidential motorcade when conducting their rallies. Police service publicist Kelvin Maigwa told capital radio that it is a breach of the police act especially section 20 for any opposition politician apart from the president to have a motorcade comprising of motor-bikes and even an open Land Rover.

"It is a crime to imitate a president in any other way and anyone found doing so shall be arrested and face the long arm of law" said Maigwa

It is believed that this message was in apparent reference to Dpp acting president Peter Mutharika who has of late been using a convoy similar to that of the president.

Again this development is coming against the rumours from DPP insiders that soon after their convention, Mutharika will unveil two DPP branded helicopters that will be used to cris-cross the country in their bid to wrestle power back to DPP Camp. This rumour might be in tandem with the statement this Harvard university trained Mutharika has been making that "if you thought the 2009 campaign was something unheard of, then you ain't seen something yet"


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