Saturday, October 27, 2012

Riverdale eases pool setback ordinance

Riverdale?s ordinance governing placement of swimming pools, spas and hot tubs is now less restrictive.

City staff reviewed similar ordinances from other Utah cities and found that Riverdale?s was ?excessive as far as where a pool could be located on a residential lot,? according to an executive summary prepared by Randy Daily, community development director.

A recent inquiry from a resident led city staff to review the ordinance, which required pools to be 35 feet from the property line.

Layton and Lehi require that pools are no closer than 4 feet to a property line. Clearfield and Clinton require a 5-foot setback from property lines. Syracuse?s restriction is 8 feet, and South Ogden requires 10 feet.

The ordinance applies to both in-ground and above-ground pools, swim spas and hot tubs.

The new ordinance allows pools in the rear yards to be 7 feet from any interior property line and completely off easements. The ordinance also encourages pool covers and calls for a 6-foot-high fence to enclose all outside family swimming pools.

?It?s a good ordinance, and does ease up a little bit the setback requirements for swimming pools,? Daily said.

City Councilman Norm Searle said the city?s nuisance ordinance could govern ?raucous? pool parties that disturb the neighbors.


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